Book Review: Clueless in Croatia

by Joy Skye, nararrated by Guy Barnes

An Audiobook review by Jackie Houchin

CLUELESS IN CROATIA  is typical of light romances. The first looks and look aways, the tingle at the touch of hands. The quickening of breath. The first kiss.

But throw in a film star (Leonard) who can’t seem to get rid of his fierce persona when he leaves the set, two adorable young sons who miss their dad and love being on holiday with him in Croatia, and his hidden desire to write a love song, and you have some interesting situations.

On the other side is a young widow (Isabella) also with a son, who loves cooking and gardening, and for a job, takes care of the beautiful summer villas overlooking the sea and the vacationers who occupy them.

Both resist the draw of the other, but Leonard’s two young sons connive to get them together, and Isabella’s BFF arranges things too. It looks like love will win out, but then…..

Oh my, disaster, misunderstanding, missed messages. He thinks and she thinks. Then she despairs and he despairs.  If it wasn’t for that wonderful taxi driver Yaacov, who is related to just about everyone in Croatia, and who loves Leonard’s TV show, well, you just have to read the book and find out how it all sorts out. It will leave you with a smile

FOUR stars

Book 2 in the Sublime Retreats Romances series.





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