Book Review: Love & Saffron

by Kim Fay,

   And narrated by Kimberly Farr, Cassandra Campbell, Mark Bramhall, Maggi-Meg Reed, and the author.


An audiobook review by Jackie Houchin

Kim Fay’s LOVE & SAFFRON is heartwarming and a pleasure to read. It’s an epistolary (written in letters) between two women whose friendship grows through the experiences (and recipes) they share.

One woman is older, married, lives in Washington state, and writes a newsy, “down home” column. The other is a single, younger gal living in Los Angeles who works for a local newspaper.

The younger begins the correspondence with praise for a column she read and a gift of saffron. The Seattle woman responds with surprise and joy. And so begins a sweet, deep, lasting friendship. Only once do they actually meet in person.

The women share cooking ideas, hopes and dreams, experiences, and heartaches. A few secrets also get passed along. Each is lovingly “there” for the other in their time of need.

This is a short book, meant to be read in one sitting, but I listened to it over a few days of travel.  I was sorry when it ended. Kim Fay’s writing is smooth and authentic. The research she did for the era (1960’s) was remarkable. (I remember it well.)

The narrators for the women, and a snippet of other characters, are easy to distinguish and listen to. I highly recommend this book to women of all ages, especially those who like to write (letters or otherwise) and love interesting recipes and cooking. (There is also a sweet romance “on the side.”)

FIVE stars








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