Short Story Review: To Capture a Crime, A Piper Lane Mini-mystery

by Blythe Baker

a short story review by Jackie Houchin

To Capture a crime, a Piper Lane Mini-mystery, is a fast read with action, conflict, and a suspected crime, all in the first pages.

Piper, an amateur photographer, is daring, inquisitive, and observant…so unlike her stay-by-the-poolside, hypochondriac sister. They both spend the first day of a week’s vacation quite differently. Piper goes out and about snapping cute, colorful pictures of kids, fishing boats, and the Ferris wheel, while her sister basks in the sun.

In “framing” shots of fishing boats through her camera lens, Piper happens to notice something unusual being hauled into a boat in a net. Her interest and dismay piqued; she forgets to actually take a picture. And later, after she is nearly run off the road on her bicycle, she decides to investigate what she believes is illegle. BIG mistake! (And her sister tells her so!)

I enjoyed reading the story and recommend it. It’s a quick short story with fun characters and setting, that will catch and hold your attention. You may also enjoy the snippets of humor in the character of Piper.

4 stars.


***Unfortunately, I believe this mini-mystery is only available from the author as a “Freebie” to introduce her newest  “Sunrise Island Mysteries” series.

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