Book Review: A Wedding and a Funeral in Mecklenburg: A German Travel Mystery (The Homeswappers Book 2)

by Adriana Licio

a mini book review by Jackie Houchin

I thoroughly enjoyed this second home swapping-travel mystery novel.

This time the bold, outspoken Etta (the brains of pair) and sweet and romantic Dora (the heart) have come to Mecklenburg, Germany to attend a Wedding. They have a lovely cottage to stay in, and Leon, their handsome, smart, and lovable Basset Hound has found friends among the resident animals, and hundreds of places in the woods and gardens and nearby lake to explore.

The setting, decorations, and the specially baked Rose Wedding Cake are all ready for the nuptials. But not everyone is happy with the joining of Phillip and Colette. In fact only two or three people are! But who in the long list of family and friends is unhappy enough to stop the wedding by murder?

It’s a puzzle that Etta, Dora, and Leon “chew on” while they enjoy their time with the family in this beautiful setting.

Leon seems to reach a conclusion first, but his obstinate and beloved older bi-ped companions seem determined to pull him on his leash down a different path.

But at last the light bulbs come on, and then there’s action till the final “Poirot-like” conclusion and epilogue.

I always learn so much about the history and uniqueness of the places Adriana Lucio writes about in her books. And I’m always excited when the two friends discover their next destination.

I recommend this comfortable, interesting read to folks who like cozy mysteries, traveling to little know places, and being in the company of two charming retired friends and a dog.

Four stars.


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