Book Review: Booked

By Kwame Alexander, narrated by author

A whimsical mini Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin (with maybe a little spoiler or 2)

BOOKED is a book that will make you laugh and cheer! It’s the story of a 12-year-old boy whose parents are breaking up and whose dad makes him read the dictionary to improve his vocabulary which HE does and IT does and it so impresses a girl he likes that she becomes his girlfriend despite her dad’s being a cop and she bringing her entire book club to his house for a date and he likes it and his mom taking them horseback riding which the girl likes even though it’s her first time in a saddle.

Then he learns enough Taekwando to get back at the bullies who stole his bike and beat him up and of course this is after he gets out of the hospital for another matter and can’t go to New York or Dalles to play soccer with his team and his best friend and he has to see a psychologist for being so sad he couldn’t go and he names him Dr. Fraud then gets his friend the school librarian’s “Freedom” box because the guy is going down a different bend in his river and when he opens it, I mean wow!

The boy loves words and rap, and I really loved him and his story and that K. A. wrote it so well and that it’s the second book in the series.

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