Short Story Review: The Affair at The Victory Ball


A Short Story review by jackie Houchin

The “Affair at the Victory Ball” is a classic Agatha Christie short story, told by two main characters: Hercule Poirot and Chief Inspector Japp. Poirot amazes with his intuitive thinking and Japp stands in awe, as always.

Of course, after Poirot determines who the murderer of a rich young man and his fiancé is, from a group of six costumed and masked ball-attendees, he refuses to share the knowledge with the Chief Inspector.  It’s not until his signature “denouement” with everyone present, that he step-by-step reveals and then accuses the killer. He is right, of course. He always is.

This is fun fast mystery story, solved by a single clue, the–.  Oh, I’d better not say. Hercule wouldn’t like that.

FIVE stars





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